Andrea Nardello

Andrea Nardello's music can be described with one word:  power.  Power in the studio; power in her soaring melodies; power in her lyrics; and power onstage. "My Aeroplane," Nardello's sophomore release, was under consideration for a Grammy for Best Folk Contemporary Album of 2010.  Produced by Aaron Levinson and backed by a topnotch studio band, My Aeroplane takes listeners on a ride through clear skies and rumbling thunderclouds.

Even though some of Andrea's music touches on more serious themes - like heartbreak and relationships gone bad - she somehow exudes a sense of positivity and strength. As a result, I have found myself listening to "My Aeroplane" repeatedly. (Mark Rogers, host 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes)

 Nardello's melodies, energy, and insight have generated enthusiasm from listeners of every style of music. Working within the singer-songwriter genre with the soulful passion of Janis Joplin and Carole King, Nardello cuts across the boundaries of the folk genre. Her lyric sensibility is reminiscent of the best poets of rock, pop and hiphop, producing fans up and down both Coasts and across the South.


"Let Love Decide" - Andrea Nardello

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