Bracher Brown

While most of his contemporaries are immersed in spending their free time playing video games or going to the mall, 17-year-old Bracher Brown is writing music, performing, and working hard to perfect his craft. It's something he's been driven to do since a very young age: Brown picked up his first instrument at 6 years old and started playing in the school band at 9, and he now approaches his senior year of high school with an impressive passion to pursue his goals of being a recording and performing musician. "Since I was a baby there's always been some kind of music on," says Brown. "My Dad's a huge fan of Tom Petty and Pearl Jam, and my Mom's big into Elton John. I've been exposed to a little bit of everything - Jimi Hendrix to Sister Hazel." By studying the craft of some of the greats - everyone from James Taylor to Ray Charles to the Foo Fighters - Brown continues to learn and grow as a performer and a musician.

Bracher Brown´s musical talent ranges from singing, songwriting and producing to playing the drums, trumpet, piano and guitar. Brown is schooled in both piano and guitar, he's self-taught in the others. "The first instrument I took seriously was piano," says Brown. "We had pianos in school, and we had to take a class. And there was one that our neighbors had. I would constantly go over there and annoy them by trying to learn songs by ear. My parents got me lessons and it grew from there." Brown´s first official band, Fresh Off Grounding, motivated him to master the guitar and begin songwriting. He covered bands like Blink 182 and All Time Low before his style evolved, taking a path forged by artists like John Mayer and Goo Goo Dolls who have made a significant impact on Brown's current style.

Recently, Brown has begun co-writing and collaborating with others, including TOdd Carey, Ryan Newell (Sister Hazel), Mark Bryan (Hootie and the Blowfish), Josh Hoge, Bobby Capps (.38 Special), Rock Ridge Music president Jason Spiewak, local Orlando musician Max Eichenblatt, and Matt McKeown (songwriter, producer, Sound Mind Studios)."  He is at work on material for what will be his debut album.

"Perfect Storm" - Bracher Brown

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