Matt Duke

Matt Duke's latest release One Day Die is an album that runs as much on adrenaline as it does on intellect.

Barely past his 18th birthday, Matt recorded a demo that caught the attention of Mad Dragon Records, a label run by students at Philly's Drexel University. Mad Dragon released Matt's critically-acclaimed debut album, Winter Child, paving the way for his signing to Ryko, which spawned the well-received Kingdom Underground, produced by Marshall Altman.  "Those records were definitely a part of who I was at the time when I made them," says Duke. "But [One Day Die] really is me. Every character, every narrative is me in a lot of ways. With producer Jason Finkel's help, I realized that it's a good thing to get carried away. I got carried away a lot here."

"Needle And Thread" - Matt Duke

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